Cruz gone cheap.


I’ve seen Batman final adventure, the return of a beloved Flash in the last month and finally…

The end of Secret Invasion.

But in reality I’m not going to talk about the whole (and in a sense, stupid) story arc of Secret Invasion.

But of a little something Brian Micheal Bendis gave me and wich makes the last chapter in the SI saga worth while. One that I’ve been waiting since for at least a year and a half now.

The resolution of Tony Stark current status.

Wich status you might wonder? And that’s a talk I’ve had with Mega at least 3 times now. And it comes from the whole Civil War thing. In CV Marvel gave its Universe a more -if not human- realistic treatment, everyone was shocked when the Cap died, when Spidey revealed his identity to the world and how Mr. -not so- Fantastic became a “dick”.

Why I was shocked with those 3 happenings, well because Capitan became the old senile guy who keeps telling the young “this is how we did things in the old days”, but we are not in the old days, in fact this new days are even worse and that the Cap learned with a bullet on his head.

Mr. Fantastic became a “dick” in the idea of how his mind works, he became more human than anybody by being victim to his own knowledge and believing he alone would be the only one to offer a real good answer. Of course he didnt and he failed, he became arrogant and a “dick” towards his own wife and friends.

And finally Spidey, who showed only to be as naive as when he was 16, but we all know spidey its of that nature.

Tony Stark changed too.

In the idea of the ralistic approach of CV, things went right to the 60’s and I almost expected to see hippies in the pages of the CV, the purity of the Cap ideals where challenged and anyone who followed him became the bad guys, because In the MU the one with straight toughts at the time was him. They became the chased and hated. But who chased em? A guy so powerful and intelligent at the helm of the first superpower of the world (in MU that was SHIELD). His name was Francisco Franco… Wait no, he was named Joseph McCarthy. No I’m wrong! How can I be so stupid?! This is the Marvel Universe, his name was Antony Stark.

The sole man responsible for the death of many Superheroes, who driven by his people became the bearer of his people’s desires, he sayed, it was all for the greater good, that he would never harm any fellow superhero, but his actions started the motion of a machine, a machine many people call the system. The system that no matter what hippie, right wing or lefty says exists.

Yeah the system moved in Tony’s directives and started killing heroes and makin bad guys look like good people (The Thunderbolts), Tony drived the whole Spiderman thing, wich got the famously known aunt May killed, and  gave us -the readers- the greatest “mind fuck” since any DC’s Crisis. Brand New day. But I dont care about the system or any political approachs the CV could have. It’s all about the person Tony Stark becoming the greatest nemesis Marvel has seen since the days of Onslaught.

And the day Secret Invasion #8 came out, Bendis gave me the resolution of that.

Stop reading if you havent checked it.

-Big spoilers-

He showed us a Tony Stark hated by his “friends”, rejected by his country, and without his money and political power. Pretty much how Saddam Hussein ended.

A fitting ending.

Yes, Ironman has been a hero for many years, I never expected to see a resolution, I never tought Marvel would hold accountable the greatest milking cow they have now, but they did, and for that I thank Bendis.

Now the man Tony Stark will have to make ammends, he will have to prove he can be of trust and I (and you too) should be lookin towards to it.


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