Screw Todd Mcfarlane!

I Know what you’re all thinking, “What? Screw Mcfarlane? After all he did for the comic community? Artists Rights? What about his work on Spider-Man? Spawn? Blah blah blah.”

I’ll admit that he did alot in helping artists retain the rights to their characters and works but still, hes a pompous ass who outgrew his britches after the fifth year of Spawn. Sure he had some great ideas as an artist, a businessman, and, in my opinion, one of the best artists Spider-Man ever had, But he allowed his ego to allienate alot of people who want to enter the business.

My two major beefs with Mr. Mcfarlane are; One, of course, that he outed writers in saying that they don’t serve much of a purpose in creating a comic book, which explains why Spawn hasnt had a cohesive plot since ohhhh ’98, and two being the fact that he hasn’t done anything important for the comic world since Image comics got started.

I’m tired of everyone trying to use him as a point to prove something about the comic world “Oh well Todd Mcfarlane made Spawn into a movie and hes one of the greatest comic book people ever!”

WRONG. He’s really not. He wasn’t the only one who fought for artists’ rights. What about the rest of the Founding members of Image comics: Jim Lee, Rob Liefield, Eric Larsen, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, and Whilce Portacio. Hell these people were amongst the names of all those who approached Terry Stewart before going off and getting published by Malibu Comics.

Todd Mcfarlane only Pushed the industry to change, he didn’t enhance the quality, he didn’t enforce readers to imagine or expand their view on the world, or create characters that you could truly immerse yourself in and take an emotional stake in, thus making you ENJOY the frelling series more.

He’s not Frank MIller, Stan Lee, Alan Moore, or Brian Michael Bendis (hmm These people actually wrote their stories, not just piece it together.) Nor is he Alex Ross, Gabrielle Dell’Otto, James Maxwell, Or Adi Granov, who pushed the envelope or artistic quality in comics, giving people a true artform to respect, to the effect of which we give that of the likes of Donatello, Michaelangelo, Even DiVinci.

Okay, I think I’m done ranting for now. My point is this; Anyone who tries to bring up Todd Mcfarlane ever again in an attempt to sound knowlegable about comics and things will get slapped in the face. With a copy of Spawn #1.

Your Ever Loving Rantist Writer,



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