Early morning realizations.

I feel an explanation is in order. No, not about my anti-Mcfarlane speech, I felt that was well deserving and more people need to say it. I mean about the header banner, I’m aware it’s March. The problem is, Cruz has the other banner so I can’t do anything about that.

Anyways, I’ve been having sleep trouble lately (having just woke up after 4 hours, having not slept for thirty-six hours before that) and I’ve come to the realization that my mind truly doesn’t work unless I’ve been modestly sleep deprived. I’m not going to try not sleeping just to get some rantings and work done, not by any means.  It justs brings me back to a long held belief that in order to truly analyze and satirize society, both as a whole, and in individual chunks, you kinda have to remove yourself from it. At least mentally.

Now I don’t mean shun everyone and become some hermit, spouting obscenities down at the villagers from your hole in the wall. I mean more like sit back and just watch quietly, or pay close attention when you’re speaking to someone, notice which words they use and any gestures they may use. It’ll help you figure out what people really want to say sometimes. Put yourself in a position to analyze how people interact, in any situation you might be in.  

At the very least it’ll be a good way to learn how to read people,  which you can use in everyday life anyways to manipulate your way through life, or scare your friends into thinking you’re psychic!

Ahem. Anyways, I’m basically using this to remind myself how i used to deal with the world, as well as how I can be a better writer. I mean how can one observe something if they dont take themselves out of the equation at least in part?

I’d really like some input on this if anyones interested in discussion.

Sincerely, with Banana’s



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