Suddenly Rantless…

Well, I don’t have anything in particular to rant about today, been kinda sick so everything’s been completely MEH (Mind Eating Hoplessness) in terms of interest or hatred since wednsday. So, In lack of a rant (though I was really suprised to find that people actually read my last one, thank you!) I’m just going to put out the request that the CES was supposed to do to begin with. Comic work. I’ve come to terms with the fact that i probably will never get Cruz, my friend, to work with me on anything more than once a year anymore. So I’m asking for help in at least a way to have someone do some initial designs for me, and possibly work on a comic with me. Oh, in some news, I guess. I am going to draw and make a new banner myself. so get ready to fear.

Anyways, Thanks in advance!

With Domo’s slowly eating out the back of his eyesockets, Mega


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