Ranting is hard…

While trying to make this more about my endeavours into writing and my ever dashed hopes into making a fun comic (My ideas are GOLD, damnit!), I keep ending up blogging. I would apologize for that, except I enjoy that people enjoy listening to my rants and ravings. Something I would like to do more, or at least on a bi-weekly basis.

I keep running into problems when it comes to ranting. The biggest and most frequent of these problems being not being able to come up with a topic.

Now you put me in a conversation, I can be witty, and intellegent enough to make people go, “Wow, he seems right,” or at least bullshit my way through most subjects enough to make it seem like I know more than I’m letting on.

Being the shut-in that I am, I’m only out of the house interacting with the public probably an hour a day, the remaining hours in front of the computer or zoning out in front of the tv. So I don’t get much to just say, “Ya know what, that irks me,” about.

I can’t just watch the news and start raving about Politics and the state of the world. Between leftist, right wingers, supposed independants, lobbyists, scandals, and greed, I just don’t care.

Also, I can’t just go and dive right into a rant about pop culture in the state it’s in, in fear I may “Upset” someone and get a comment, or message from some acne ridden geek, wheezing past his retainer about how wrong I am about Lost and Battlestar Galactica being the two most retarded shows to ever hit primetime, or if  I make a cynically sarcastic prediction about the little Japanese dude from Heroes being the ultimate badguy that manipulated it all from the beginning. I just don’t wanna hear it most of the time.

My point being, It’s hard being an observer, making the critiques about society just to make people think, or laugh about it themselves. I enjoy that. If I can make someone laugh and reconsider their outlook on the world at the same time, I’m a damn happy camper.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one, it was a long time in the thought works.

Reminding you to have your daily alotment of fiber,



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