Hating the world a little less, one day at a time…

I find myself drawn more and more to my current work and, after a week of rediscovering the joy of Procrastination (having not had anything to procrastinate from in a couple of years), I dived right back into reworking all my source materials for Rem… er Never you mind what. It’s all hush-hush, super secret so you forget I said anything.
Semi revealed news aside, I have felt a bit of my cynacism subsiding a bit. Not a whole lot, I’m still seeing the world as being filled with mostly blissfully ignorant sheep who gladly hand their money over to the holders of mass media to make a debaucle of the writing process. Thats right, I’m talking to you Writers Guild. Why the hell did you think you had the right to go on strike when you obviously haven’t earned what you supposedly gained. Better benefits should mean you actually put things out of decent quality!

AHEM. Alright. Where was I? Oh right, telling you how i dont entirely despise society as a whole anymore. I’m actually in a rather good mood lately. I’ve been getting alot of work done, and reading. I’m back to reading as much as I can as well.
I suppose I should make some social critique about now, but I’m alright with the world right now, and I wouldn’t wanna ruin that with some thinking.
Who would?
Anyways, TTFN
Currently Peeping in your window,


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