I have peered into the abyss. It gave me a cookie.

Well this is just something I wrote a few minutes ago, I would really like to see what people think.

ALso, We’ve been getting alot of work done for our project and we’re still working towards our goals with great steam!

The inky dark, seemed to move in a way to trick the eyes, giving the illusion that the oblivion was alive. Long and hard, I had gazed upon that enveloping black, wondering what may be revealed if its folds could be moved.
Do I proceed into it with some sense of curious bravery?
Do I turn back from the ever growing terror that screamed from every corner of my mind?
I dare to ponder what may lie beneath, what hideous monstrousities or marvelous wonders may be revealed upon the venture into the unknown. What beasts may rend me of this mortal coil, or Luminescient angels that may bear me towards enlightenment. Would the risk be worth the gain?

Minutes turned to hours as I sat in front of the abyss, weighing good against bad. A seemingly endless battle of true discovery against complacent safety.
What do I do? I repeated the question a thousand times, each time receiving a different answer, My thoughts became frantic as they fought against eachother for a dominant action. The thoughts became voices, with the ones for the journey giving off a tone of eruditic bravado, while the ones of returning to the world unharmed were that of a concerned loved one.
“Knowlege is the ultimate purpose of any trek!,” They cried, showing of their goals.
“Your loved ones will understand! Don’t let them down” The others retorted.
Hours turned into days as they continued this feud. I grew intolerant of both sides and had finally had enough.
There would be no way to be sure if I come out the other side, but I would start the trek with just one step.
The abyss had greeted me. and I accepted.


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