Connect the dots.

Or a random comment full of plot holes.

Today is election day in The United States of Mexico (yes dudes that’s the name we get in the coins), and to me is a very mixed bag full of joy and remorse, therefore as writing is not my most better skill and English aint even my native language I’m going to share a few random toughts regarding several things that I learned (and happened to me) during the last year.

  1. As I’ve told Mega several times we are living a very depressing situation nowadays, for starters we are strangers in our own continent, we are relegated by the USA and South America to a mere backyard.
  2. Being an artist in Mexico is like wanting to be a hobo, only that here it is actually true.
  3. 2009 years and people still fail to understand Jesus meant that humans where not animals (therefore evolutionary food chain does not apply to us), not to follow stupid churches and sing like crazy delusional schyzos.
  4. The Actual president in Mexico is a very well known Right Wing extremist and his party is considered as the Catholic political branch here.
  5. Sin City was a good movie.
  6. Gotham City is just Sin City with a guy who dresses as a bat.
  7. We are being overrun by narcs and any kind of outlaws and criminals you can think of.
  8. July 7th is the 2nd anniversary of my current relationship, I’ll probably propose during the next year.
  9. Big Boss was the real hero.
  10. Ocelot was truly a friend and a hero.
  11. These outlaws and narcs in Mexico are so many they are a good chunk of the population, the common population are usually regarded as civilians, then if my thinking is right we are on the verge of Civil War.
  12. Before anyone says anything Diego Rivera already stated that artists, whatever their ideas and desires have a political responsibility over history.
  13. Morrison should have killed Superman… Batman was a dumb choice.
  14. Last year the Senatorial and Diputate chambers decided that during electoral runs: no Party, Organization or person can buy publicity spaces on TV.
  15. My birthday was 4 days ago.
  16. TV monopoly’s: Televisa and TV Azteca are angry and bend truth like Geller bends spoons.
  17. Uncanny X-men current writer is beng awesome.
  18. Last but not least more than 10 current candidates have been pointed out as criminals, legally or suspected.
  19. Mega and I are really working on something that its about to enter production stage.

I am sore today, its not a good year, I see anarchy run by the streets of my town everyday, I see no potential on next generations, I see that a bunch of people control the lives of every single living thing on earth.

I hope you all had a nice 4th of July, at least in some levels there is still a good ideal somewhere in that celebration.

– Cruz –


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