The Marvels of Disney

The Walt Disney Company has agreed to purchase Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and its portfolio of 5,0000 characters in a stock and cash transaction, the companies announced today.

Full news here at CBR.


In other words, expect to see more Donald Duck/The Hulk Crossovers in the near future, nevermind those inminent dangers to the artists workin at Marvel that always come from greedy monopolic mergers or how will this affect the whole Marvel Universe characters.

But their Characters where created for teen audiences, and while some of them where tought to be for adults they where often relegated to second rate publishing status and other times Marvel took care to cripple themselves by totally giving priority to sales and publicity than Craftsmanship or Artistry in their publications (Good Morning Viet… Clone Saga)!.

Perhaps thanks to Disney maybe next time Elektra dies she will stay dead… Right? Or Maybe Wolverine will stop being a dick and behave more in line with the family friendly status of Disney? Maybe they will stop things like Jeph Loeb Ultimatum?

What are your toughts?

– Cruzifixio


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