Something new to critique and rant about

Recently, I complained about how I need to get back into the informational world via the use of Newspapers, magazines, blogs, forums, news sites, whathaveyou.  I’ve decided to rejoin this world with a simple, long time love of mine. Comic books.

Now considering that It’s clear in this site that I want to be a comic book writer, the problem is that I really have not kept up with my comic bookery, having just in the last two weeks purchased the first comic book in about 6 years, usually glancing at them at the news stand and reading them digitally, spurned mostly by the latest of dramatic events (Still disappointed with Spider-Man’s “Brand New Day” arc), or dealing with a really severe bout of depression that really fried all of my interests for a couple of years. But needless to say, I’m getting back into full swing now.

One thing I became a little peeved with though is the recycling of characters. Now I don’t mean the revival of a long dead character, according to DC, no one stays dead for too long. I am, however, talking about having two extremely similar characters going on at the same time like the writing staff just copy pasted character source data to make things go by quicker.

My example, of course, are from my two favorite super hero brands: one being my long time comic love, Spider-Man, the other being the Merc with the Mouth; Deadpool. Now normally you really could never even come close to comparing characters in the two, what with ones leading man being the selfless hero that, while not the most powerful hero, never gives up and puts even big dawgs out in the cold with his ethical superiority, The other being a regenerating mercanary with enough crazy in him to put Sybil to shame, all the while spouting witty one liners (mostly to himself) and inner dialogue thats always mocking himself.

The distinction becomes clear in the most recent Spidey story arc thats not of the main titles: Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man, where Mac Gargan (Formerly the Scorpion, current Venom), under the authority of Norman Osbourn, has become New York’s official Spider-Man, Where he rampantly disregards safety in apprehending NY’s criminals (Eating some, maiming others) in violently comedic manner, it becomes clear that most of the actions, even down to dialogue, is within a hairs breadth of just a swap out of Wade Wilson (Deadpool) With the exception being that Wade, although lord help him I’m sure hes tried, Never ate his current advesary.

I really am just wondering when it became acceptable to be so slackass when  revamping a character, one that was already established and revamped  before even recently, (i.e. Mac Gargan becoming the new Venom, and then the legal Spider-Man). It just doesn’t seem right to me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge Marvel Comics fan, and even enjoy the Dark Reign: Spider-man arc right now, I just felt put off by the similarity of the two, when they should have put more effort in seperating the two in personality. Mac Gargan was a stupid thug who was paid by J. Jonah Jameson to become a super human to defeat Spidey.  Then, somehow, bought the expelled Venom symbiote and became powerful, albeit excessively violent now, with a penchant for eating his victims, while the symbiote was slowly killing him. Now he’s healthy, bouncy, somehow smart enough to be witty and pit people against eachother. Can you see where something went wrong?



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