Cruz and Mega: Roundtable of Wrong 1

MegaX50: yes. im going to hell.
Cruzifixio: going to hell when makin fun of a nazis is not a sin
Cruzifixio: joan paul II made sure of that
MegaX50: I miss john paul.
MegaX50: he was so cuddly
MegaX50: and awesome
Cruzifixio: when he was not enforcing catholic banhammer he was
MegaX50: well.
MegaX50: hes the pope
MegaX50: hes gotta banhammer some people.
MegaX50: But still
Cruzifixio: if anything least joan paul had balls
MegaX50: he did more for the catholic church and the followers of christ than any single man in the last 500 years of the church
Cruzifixio: the size of a stadium
Cruzifixio: this one lacks common sense
Cruzifixio: its his fault so many sects are being so much more active
MegaX50: and he looks like emporer palpatine
Cruzifixio: his retro acts have been hurting the catholic church
Cruzifixio: LMAO
Cruzifixio: he does… omg…
Cruzifixio: Yoda run!!!
MegaX50: i keep expecting him to rub his hands and say something like “Good… good. The Rebels will not expect an attack from this battle station. The darkside will prevail.”
Cruzifixio: lol
Cruzifixio: we gotta start posting our greatest conversations like this one on the CES
Cruzifixio: like: “Cruz n Mega Roundtable of wrong”
MegaX50: oh we’ve had some doozies.
Cruzifixio: doozies?
MegaX50: lol
Cruzifixio: never ever heard that word
MegaX50: its an old person word lol
MegaX50: like it means Way out there.
MegaX50: like… That 20 mile walk sure was a doozy
Cruzifixio: lol
Cruzifixio: cool word
Cruzifixio: imma over use it now
MegaX50: go for it.
MegaX50: i know we’ve had some rather fucked up conversations
MegaX50: i wish wi could remember what some of them were about lol
Cruzifixio: oh dear lord
Cruzifixio: no… repeating two fucked up conversations would be overkill
MegaX50: lol
MegaX50: alright then
Cruzifixio: sides
MegaX50: we just need to start saving some of the finer points of the ones we have in the future

Cruzifixio: why repeat them when we can come up with new ones?

And so the all new feature of the CES is born.Expect to see more of these at times when we get way behind our comic schedules (like this recent 1 month streak).

Please if you take this (or us) seriously, run away.

yes. im going to hell.


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