Learnin’s and Ejumakashun

College commercials bother me, especially the ones for technical schools. Not that I have something against them, just that they always promote these supposed places of higher learning as only “Knowledge for the sake of profit.” Oh, and the jingles they use grate against my nerves.

I don’t claim to be against the use of knowledge to grind out a living, or even something to enjoy making money at, I just have a problem with watching so many people around me give up on the prospect of new knowledge, while they seem to get stuck at their jobs, whittling away more and more at what they are with no real repose from the day to day torture of something they could probably enjoy again if they could just have something else to think about for a while. It’s a cheap and low taxing way to relax the mind.

It seems I may not be old enough to complain about such a thing from a personal standpoint; though, to avoid funneling down a path like that myself, by the age of 15 I didn’t like only having introspective thought about the god-awful crap they were making us deal with at school, so I began seeking new things to think about, starting with a lot of literature, expanding onto things like philosophy (which came in handy when learning how to not give too much of a crap about the little things), and psychology (which came in very useful when trying to read the people I’d play cards with). Using all of those things to just relax and feel better about things around me. Escapist education I guess you could say.

Learning, with no fear or pressure of deadlines, production, or retribution from some big scary school-teacher, out to get your delicious snack cake from your lunchbox if you couldn’t identify what X is equal to, can be a truly relaxing experience in my opinion. It helps me by taking attention away from a lot of day to day worries while expanding my mind to something new, flexing those thought muscles and alleviating stress by giving me a sense of earned confidence that I can lord over those around me in  a sense of brain-swelled pride.

Now, in no sense am I saying go out and only seek learnin’s from a stance of mere erudition (FEAR THE RARELY USED WORDS!). I am suggesting, though, more people taking time to set their minds to a new task. Learning in this context is more about act in itself than what you’re actually educating yourself about. The possibility of subjects are open and broad;  like learning a new language obsess and learn more about your favorite shows/characters, brushing up on your vocabulary or math, learn how to do your own taxes so you don’t have to pay that blasted accountant that’s probably been screwing you all these years. Just to name a few.

It’s also something that can come easy to just about anyone. A hobby like this can be inexpensive; left for an individual to decide how much time and money can be spent on it, with no consequence for being cheap or broke. The internet can hold a plethora of information on an infinite amount of subject matter, just stay away from the porn. Yes, I stand by that, STAY AWAY FROM THE PORN. It will only distract you. Bookmark it for later use. And ESPECIALLY if you’re using the internet at your local library. A library, an ancient building with square things full of knowledge and sometimes pictures. Kinda like the internet, but solid and finite in information, but still a great place to go for information.

I encourage all who would read this to go out, learn a craft, new words, how to improve your mind, body, soul, anything to keep you going in a way you may not have experienced before, and you may even get addicted.

Always annoying you and the people you love,


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