Yet another in a long line of sleepless nights. Though i do tend to enjoy the thoughts that come on nights like this. Great, wonderful ideas that give me hope that what im doing is right for my life.

It’s the actions that come afterward that are keeping me down.

Insert cynical “Heh” here.

In News: I’ve finally found a method in which to write scrips productively; putting a few lines at a time, then leaving it for a few hours. The old method being me staring at the screen between smashing my head against a wall while trying to force it. I know neither of these are the most efficient, but damnit, I can’t help having a random creative process. It’s difficult for me to sit and force the words to come as it’s never been that way for me. Wheneve i wrote it was a free-flowing thought after thought to bring a bigger picture together. Which is why all of my stories are short.

Anyway, In other news: Cruz has been MIA these last 2 months due to the fact he moved, and now has 2 jobs. meaning i need to collaberate with a different artist in the mean time.

Watching the history channel with great intent,



One thought on “ugh…

  1. Two jobs? bitch I got 3!!!… So yeah someone draw CG for mega please?
    And lets hope he does write as much as he claims, I mean I wanna do Brimstone Mercs before I die.

    Cruz out!

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