Good News, Everyone! We’re not canceled!

Insert Torgo’s Executive Powder reference… Here.

Despite setbacks, crashes, medication, and lack of our favorite Art monkey, The CES has continued forth!

We have a new artist to fill in while Cruz takes a sabbatical (i.e. SUCKING FAILURE THROUGH A STRAW!). Please Welcome, Aeran!

Now while this means we may actually get CG back on track, It also means i have hope and motivation to start writing again, not just the few pages a week on BM like I’ve been doing. Ill try and put out some new stories and ideas, maybe continue a few of the old. and some rants for those of you who missed them.

Anyway, It feels great to be back!



One thought on “Good News, Everyone! We’re not canceled!


    Aeran rules. Mega sucks and I’m just a humble Master Of Everything.

    Yeah CES is back baby!

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