An overdue vacation…

Now, while I have been promising, again and again, to provide new material for this page, I keep getting overwhelmingly befuddled by my living situation. This is not new, nor unexpected, just something I deal with. Anyway, it just means my work keeps getting second guessed and dead ended. Although I have kept up, albeit slowly, with my script writing and idea storming, I have not yet been able to finish anything I’ve set out and started. That being the case, I’m taking a vacation.

I’m currently stationed at my brother’s house, watching Sherlock Holmes with him and his wife. This may not seem like much of a vacation at all, but after spending a few days just away from what my normal day-to-day life has become, gives me some repose and sets me at ease, or at least lets me get all that pent up rage out of my system and reset the old “hate gauge”.

That being said, I’m looking forward to getting home and getting back to, what I hope to be, my life’s work.

Yawning with a sense of full-belly satisfaction,



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