A short return!

Hello, for those of you willing to stop your busy lives to read this, I have finally started to settle in at my new home in Ohio! All kinds of new exciting things have been happening, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

I know what you’re all thinking:

“But, you’re a writer! You can’t write and have joy in your life! THE UNIVERSE WILL TEAR ITSELF APART!”

Normally, I would vehemently agree, but I’ve been finding that I can think more clearly here, and am not constantly waiting for the next shit storm to occur every hour, on the hour (don’t mark me wrong, I’m still expecting shit-storms, just far fewer and longer inbetween).

With that said, I’ve had quite a few ideas in the last few weeks, one of which is just taking a very old work of mine, and converting it from a novel, into a short play! Exciting, isn’t it?

That’s all i can muster for now, Folks.

Flipping you on the see-side,



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