A little bit of bullshit…

I’m alive, Much to anyone reading this’ chagrin and/or disbelief. I used to think what I’d get with my small lapses of posts was writers block, but these last few months I’ve really been struggling to even come up with ideas to write about. The only thing that has changed at the moment is that I had an epiphany last night. I’m not going to go into that right now just because I just don’t feel like explaining it.
Regardless, I’ve gotten, at least, that spark to get me sitting down and writing about anything. This should at least get my brain going in a good direction to get back to work on something I used to love doing so very much. For now though, I’ve decided to dabble in a little philosophical rabble, what a lot of people might call just a little bit of bullshit:


Cogito Ergo Sum. By this statement we are defined as real simply by the act of questioning our very existence, whether we think we are formed in someone else’s dream or something conjured  up by some other-worldly apparition.
What I question is not that I am real, but what defines reality in itself. How do we know what we see, feel, and experience before us is really what we’re experiencing outside of our minds eye telling us so.
That being the case, how do I know I really appear as I think I do. I mean, i already know that, at least visually, I’m seen differently as exampled by when I look at myself in a mirror and I look at myself in a picture. Not a grand example, but simple. What I mean is, how would I, or anyone, really know they aren’t some energy blob projecting what my mind has told itself what it wants to be, or some strange mass of smaller life forms that come together as a collective hive-mind or that instead of the universe being the big ALL that encompasses everything, it’s merely a spec of an particle that makes up an atom, or any number of possibilities that could easily be conjured away just because all of our minds tell us so. If that’s the case, we can only accept our reality based on what a collective consensus tells us.
Now I’m sure to hear the argument about how The collective consensus cant bend reality to its own whims, but consider that for a few thousand years, people thought the world was flat. Now whether it was right or wrong, they believed it to be their reality, so strongly that if you said otherwise you were probably burned for heresy. Whether it was right or wrong, it became their reality,
Given that misunderstanding, how are we to definitively say that the reality we think we believe is the utmost absolute truth of reality as we’ve come to know it. Even the proof can be false in a sense that it all could not be real or different just because we see it so. I’m not speaking scientifically though, just philosophically so keep that in mind.



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