I’m going to do something a bit different today. I’m going to post something I don’t entirely feel comfortable with posting. Normally, I’d write something like this juts for my own sake, getting it out of my system, and just hoping I forget about it. HOWEVER, I am a bit curious to see what people think about this style. I’m not entirely sure what style it is (I keep thinking it’s a dry form of poetry, but I don’t do it often enough to really make that call). It’s a bit dark, in my opinion anyway.
Well here it is.

The Things I Tell Myself to get through the day.

Get up, be good.
Don’t listen to the bad things.
Remember her.
Remember them.

The pain can be ignored…
Ignore it anyway.
You’re supposed to be stronger than the pain.
BE Stronger than the pain.

Get past that thought.
Think about it later.
No, get past that one.
Let it ruin that hour before you go to sleep instead.

Be good, get that done.
You can do it.
Think about that instead of everything else.
You can get it done.

You’re not the thing you think you are.
They’re fine.
You’d never let anything happen to them.

Don’t let them know.
It’s not their problem.
They can’t know about it.

They care about you.
She cares about you.
They want you to be Happy…

Just a bit longer…
Tomorrow could be better.

Relax, don’t pay attention to the dark…
Especially in your mind.

Take the pill, it’s supposed to help.
Don’t think about why you don’t wanna take it.

Don’t worry, the dreams won’t last long.

Hope for blackness until morning.

Be brave, courage means getting up tomorrow.

As always, I’d like to know what you think! TTFN.


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