Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo: the 2013 Horizon.

From a financial standpoint, I’m pretty poor, So I have to plan out purchases like a new computer or console many months in advance, and then be Damned sure that’s what I want. I budget myself to buying a few things a month, and then some savings if things don’t come up. That being said, I’m more than likely going to miss out on the launch for the new systems.

While I’m definitely going to get a Wii U (Loves me my Zelda, and Monolith Soft games) It’ll be a year out from now, at least, the big problem I’ll have with that is that Nintendo games, new or used, usually retain their value pretty well, Hell I still have gaps in my Wii collection where certain games should be. To make sure That doesn’t happen this time around, I’m probably going to buy the Wii U games I want when they launch, whether or not I have the console at the time. Crazy, I Know. but damnit, I’d rather have it new and shiny when I do get my Wii U than wait a year and get the second or third printing  that costs just as much USED as it did New at launch. Don’t you judge me!

Anyway, I’ve completely skipped on the PS3 thus far, not because of fanboyism (That’s what Nintendo was for.) or because there weren’t any games I wanted for it, but because that entry point to getting it always made me think, “Well I could save up for 3 months, if I’m lucky, get the PS3 and maybe one or two games. OR, I could buy five to ten games for the consoles I have, or books, or smaller purchases over the next few months without the worry of saying.”

As for why I didn’t get one initially, at the time that I was at the cusp of the decision, Halo 3 and the upcoming Fable II, as well as a couple of other exclusives sold me on it, simple as that. Nothing Sony was marketing was really catching my eyes, especially considering the larger price on it at the time.  For as much as I spent to get my 360, an extra wireless controller, two battery packs and three used games, as well as play most of the games I already owned for my Xbox, I would have been only been able to get a ps3 and maybe two used games, and not be able to play the large collection of PS2 games I had (this was 2008, when they had already discontinued the backwards compatible PS3s).

I bring this up, because all of these factors are going to affect the next console releases. Of course they’re competing with not only the mobile markets, they have to compete the digital market on PC’s, as those are becoming more common to plug right into a TV and use like a console/set top box. So, services like Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus are neat to have, but I don’t think they’ll be enough to Sell the three to four hundred dollar price tag hardware. They’re going to need to cater to, at least a bit, to the already large install base with their current systems, by letting them play the games they already own, as well as transfer over digital content they might have, on top of showing, continually, new things coming for the new piece of hardware they’re trying so hard to sell us.

The Wii U and the PS Vita really dropped the ball on that last bit, with large gaps in their game release schedule right after launches. They relied far too hard on just selling the hardware’s shiny new features, as opposed to anything that might use those features. Nintendo had the same problem selling the 3ds at start, but then remedied this by getting some big releases for the console, and then kept the games coming, Sony hasn’t yet.

As for backwards compatibility, I’ve already been reading about the complications of the Cell processor being a reason why the Orbis/PS4 probably wont be able to play PS3 games, Which, I would say is true, because frankly it’s the only system I haven’t seen people able to emulate… yet. Microsoft has a great chance to leap ahead of Sony during transitional years, Nintendo did great on that with not only being able to play Wii games on the new console, but even that the Wii mote is used for quite a few games for it, So you already have equipment for it, and the support of the Virtual Console in the eShop (though I’d be hard pressed to say I didn’t wish for continued GCN support, Here’s to wishing for it on the Virtual Console!), but from what I’ve seen, they still haven’t grasped the idea of having an account, so people are mad that they only get one chance to transfer content from their Wii to Wii U through a somewhat convoluted process.

With all the new toys coming on the horizon, They’ve all got an uphill battle and have to tread carefully with what they offer. They all have the chance to turn around any failings they might have had the last generation, or screw it up completely. Nintendo stated a strong release lineup of first and second party titles, Sony has it’s upcoming Press conference, where they have the chance to announce more Giant Enemy Crabs, as well as an ungodly price point,  or really sell it with some hard core software and services and something developers wont have a problem programming for, and Microsoft has to continue what they’re doing, but with more exclusive AAA titles (and possibly a Banjo Threeie), or risk being seen as the Generic console with nothing to offer exclusively over the other one.

Granted, I’m not a business analyst, but I can still see where these companies made their mistakes, and only hope that they did too, and learned from them, instead of just assuming people will just take in whatever they shovel out. It’s a different age of technology, where things are becoming more and more universal, what with fully functional laptops blurring the lines with tablets, desktop towers and streaming devices becoming the norm for set top boxes, Smart phones having a set base for operational systems, and being far more open to customization for everyday use, all of these  trends are becoming the norm, and there needs to be a bigger push for the “Why should I give you my money, over the other guy?”

Pew pewing my enemies with lemons,



2 thoughts on “Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo: the 2013 Horizon.

  1. From one Zelda fan to the other, I agree! I currently own all the current and numerous past home consoles but am wondering myself if I will be taking the plunge into the latest generations (Wii U aside, already dived).

    • I do too, Only missing the ones for GBA and GBC really (Not counting the CD-I abominations lol) I’m definitely going to take the plunge into the new stuff, I mean I’m just not ready to give into the heroine addiction that is Steam, despite having 50 some games I have yet to play on them lol.

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