Someone asked who Majora was… this was my response.


Majora was a dragon that lived in a timeless place, wearing armor that was told (in ridiculous legends), to grant its wearer incredible power. Every time the dragon encountered someone, for whatever reason, be it Warriors looking for glory, military trying to gain power, or even the lost souls looking for friendship. The dragon found that no matter what, they all grew greedy, and so he ate them.

One day, a traveler came upon the timeless place, with the frightening dragon, who offered to grant him a wish.

The man, claiming he wanted nothing, merely asked to know more about the dragon, pointing out that all with the dragons’ belly aching about people, there weren’t any around, and how sad that was.

At first, the dragon became angry, not wanting to be pitied by some random traveler, raging at him with boasts of the many he had devoured.

After threatening the traveler, he soon realized that he was right… and that he was weary of being alone, and unable to leave the timeless place.

The traveler, wishing to show kindness to the dragon, pulled a drum out of his belongings, and began to play a song.  tum tum tum… tum tum tum…

Softly he played, and the dragon, remembering all of those he had eaten, lowered and rested his head… tum tum tum… tum tum tum…

As the traveler continued playing, the dragon began telling him tales of the countless people he had eaten, and how avarice had caused them to battle him, or betray him. For hours, the dragon told his tales in the timeless place, the traveler continuing his rhythmic drumming, and listening politely. Tum tum tum…tum tum tum…

The dragon finished his last tale, and in closing his eyes… at long last left the timeless place.
The traveler put away his drum, and, still pitying the dragon, carved out of his armor a Mask, so that the dragon may go with him, and see the world outside of the timeless place.

For a while, the Mask was happy to be with the traveler, seeing the places he traveled, and hearing many tales, and seeing many happy, kind people. Until avarice had yet again showered upon the dragon, even in this form. Someone had stolen the Mask from the traveler.

Moving from hand to hand, each greedier and with more hatred, after decades, the Mask began to grow enraged, and mad, but unable to do anything about it. It was true that the dragons armor had incredible power, and the dragon themselves as well, so it’s no surprise that all that hatred, and anger, would warp the Masks original intent, or gaining freedom and kindness.

The Mask grew to hate more and more, until landing in the hands of the Happy Mask salesman, who wished to travel with the Mask. It was far too late, the Mask had other plans already, and was eagerly ready to find someone who felt betrayed as well.

As happenstance would have it, Skull Kid, who had been rejected by the townsfolk for his mostly harmless pranking, would run into the Happy Mask salesman. Already feeling the rejection from the townsfolk, he decided to be bad and steal the Mask…

Yeah, I’m kinda proud. If i feel like it, I’ll edit and rework it. Also, before anyone decides to get all snippy with me, I didn’t come up with the Idea, It was in the end of the Majora’s Mask manga by Akira Himekawa, all I did was fill in a few thigns here and there and put it into a folklore type story.
See you next time Mega fans, Same Mega time, Same Mega Place,


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