Update and “Blogging”

I keep being told to write things, and more things. I would, and do try, but I keep getting into the habit of not wasting the effort when I think I’ll just hit a brick wall in the middle of paragraph three. Also I’m kinda lazy.
Self-fulfilling prophecy type crap.
Anyway, I should just write regardless of any of that, even If Ido something I don’t enjoy, and turn this into a blog of sorts.
I never liked that idea, because my life isn’t that interesting (outside of the fights, booze, and occasional bullet flying overhead, also Dark Souls), so who the hell would wanna read about that? This blog was supposed to be for the rare occasions I finished a small blurb of something I felt was actually readable, delusion creeping in for those brief moments when I’m not trying to super edit, or rewrite the entirety of something I just wrote (this post included, it being the third draft and about 90% rewritten).
darksouls_1__by_wadelightning-d6jmki6However, I suppose it benefits me to just write no matter what, even if it’s just what I’m thinking a few times a week, a rant here and there over something stupid, or hell just go back to reviewing things I’m looking over until that spark of inspiration creeps through and I can get a script or a few paragraphs done on any of the metric crap ton of ideas I have/had/will-have.
I guess this could just be the start.

For any sort of update, the Art monkey still art’s and even did a few things for myYoutube channel.10656424_801244036563131_1717085696_n So without my writing, He hasn’t had much in the way of ideas, because he’s just so very devoid of imagination. Pity him. I know I do.
Regardless of any of this diatribe, this is still something I would love to keep up with, as well as anything else that stimulates the mind without destroying it.
If that doesn’t comfort you, just look at this picture of Iggy Azalea as a Green Lantern. She takes to the uniform so well!

Iggy Azaleus Zed


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