About The CES

We, at the CES are here to be an art (read: Smelly, flings poo) monkey and a (pink) writer, all in the pursuit of creating works: whether it be Comics, Storyboards, Stories, Reviews, Video Game stuff, whatever we think looks good when we’re “I’ll fight you all!” drunk, what have you.
Though we typically work alone, or with each other exclusively, Mega and Cruz are always happy to do things with others. So feel free to suggest a collaboration!

One thing about the CES: We don’t work on deadlines. Deadlines are not our thing. We suck at them. So things tend to get done… whenever the hell one of us decides to get something done.

Some things about the page runners:
Mega stupidly does stuff on youtube for the sake of stroking his ego! You can see his shenanigans at:

Cruz still does his art monkeying, what with the drawings, you could probably go see his stuff here, I guess.


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