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Cruz gone cheap! Season 2

Yeah kids imma be away for a while (moving (the house! (with my very strong arms: Cruz carry puny house))).

So I offer the first rant from Cruz in the 2010!!!!


Recently I saw this story: Japan’s 2ch. Replies To RPG Complaints

Now, this is one of those talks where Mega and I sometimes duke it out -explosions included- and express our points about why JRPG’s suck, or not.

Leaving all the common thought’s on the subject behind, I would like to expose a little something I thought of.

Nintendo and the next-gen:

Back in the 00’s (lol, whatta thought!) When  Sony consolidated as gaming master, Nintendo suffering from the all the turned backs on the N64 and Sega giving its last kicks at console-ing, all company’s where Japan based.

Then the c-c-c-c-combo breaker came in the form of Xbox.

From here on my crazy theory starts…

With the incredibly big user base the ps2 had. The JRPG era kept its steady course of growth and refining.
Nintendo’s gamecube, like the N64 failed to capture a great user base, mainly because like the N64 it opted for weird media and a strange focus on connectivity (I’m looking at you Crystal Chronicles). Then the name Xbox became big on this side of the seas, mainly by providing an almost windows based programming platform for developers. Wich gave birth to a few -but great- games.

So during the course of the PS2 life cycle, Atlus became more niche than ever, Square enix became a Mongoloid game creator (with a very few exceptions) and other like NIS and Level 5 gained popularity and cred.

Then Sony went Nintendo on us…

When the new generation was starting to get announced everyone made a very safe bet on Sony retaining its crown. After all, it produced a library of games for the PS2 so massive, it was crazy.

Sony then went for creating new technology, Cell, RSX, Blu Ray. Microsoft learned from Sony and just upgraded what was good. And nintendo… Well… Wii… RPG’s… Like water and gremlins.

When the Xbox 360 was released, microsoft worked on some deals in japan to produce some RPG’s (while some westerns producing some too), said games turned out to be: Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey (also Enchanted Arms…). Good games, yeah.

Japan hated them it seems.

Nintendo was yanking off the wii-mote and the only thing resembling an RPG was The Legend of Zelda: TP, wich was a gamecube port.

So what happened? Sony took like a year to get to the field.

Atlus was bound on PS2 still (releasing awesome JRPG’s by the way), Square enix, NIS, and some others faced the same condition.

Also the video game production changed totally:

“Hardcore” gamers found themselves hating the Wii, and developers learned -the hard way- that they just couldn’t sell “hardcore” on the platform.

Xbox 360 players formed by a new generation (and survivors of the PS2) found the new techs in the console to be appealing, while being provided with good RPG’s to lose precious time on.

And Sony had yet to release their console.

My guess (and the heart of the theory) is this:

There are good new JRPG’s… Just not on consoles.

“Next gen” games where extremely expensive to produce. But everyone that was producing great JRPG’s on the PS2 moved to the DS (and sometimes PSP).

And the games didn’t stale, Games like Devil Survivor, Atelier Annie, The World Ends With You, Knights in the Nightmare, are excellent JRPG’s, with new formulas and improved gameplay. One wonders how awesome would they look in Hi-Def.

So in short: Want to blame someone for the lack of good JRPG’s?
Blame the Hollywood-esque state of the video game world, Sony and Microsoft created.


While reading the CBR I found out a Siege preview (new Marvel event) and saw this:

It’s clearly a mock up security card/ID, what baffles me is the graphic design in it, anyone with a little bit of curiosity can notice the following things:

  • It looks like a power point design.
  • It has no realistic stuff, like bar codes, holograms, etc.
  • The picture they used for Spider Woman looks posed, everyone over 18 and with an ID of any kind knows that the pictures they take you for them are never during a 100 ft. leap or when the air is flowing.
  • It seems to be part of a calendar. Those things unless gifts are not free.
  • And finally, SOMEONE got payed to do that.

As a graphic designer (even a self taught one), it makes me angry that such little work was done over something as image handling.  It’s an Avengers mock up, one would expect to see Marvel to grab one of their best and make him do something amazing.

After all, it only takes like 30 minutes to do that:

This one took me exactly 30 minutes to do.

As a graphic designer we are often proud of our creativity, I just cannot let something like this pass because people pay for it.

You could argue about what I did but it certainly looks real.

I guess Mrvel fans would prefer that, than the lackluster thing they will be getting.