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Ain’t no Rest for the Wickedly Funny.

Now, I realize most of you probably won’t get the picture that Cruz posted just minutes ago. Fear not, this just means you’re outside of the geekworld and should feel alright about that.  For those of you who do get it, you should be very ashamed of yourselves. VERY Ashamed.

I feel i should mention that after I came up with the idea, and convinced my artist friend to follow through with it, I felt a small piece of my humanity die… of course this realization came while I was laughing hard enough that I could barely breath.

This item hopefully gives Cruz and myself a little fame under the category of Internet Memes. I post this as proof of authorship for the Idea and Cruz’s manufacture of it. For those of you who appreciate it, give credit where credit is due. And if inspired, please feel free to send us your version of this idea.

Always confusing,